Exposing terra lcd nodes to public

  • A domain name needs to be registered. Https needs a verified domain name and doesn’t work with ip addresses. This post will use terraindia.io domain as reference
  • You should be able to add subdomain cname entries in your domain provider’s dns settings. Eg. lcd.terraindia.io
  • Add an A record for lcd subdomain pointing to the node’s public IP address. Make sure this IP address is static. Example, our lcd subdomain lcd.terraindia.io A record points to . It’ll take some time for this dns update to propagate globally. Verify it by running nslookup
  • Install docker-compose
  • Clone https://github.com/wmnnd/nginx-certbot
  • Edit init-letsencrypt.sh script and replace domains key to have only your domain. Eg.
  • Open port 80 & 443 for public
  • Edit data/nginx/app.conf to replace all occurrences of example.org with your domain except the last one. The line containing proxy_pass must point to http lcd server with port. Eg.
  • Execute the ./init-letsencrypt.sh . This should generate the certificates
  • Restart the services using docker-compose




Terra validator from India — https://www.terraindia.io

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Terra India

Terra India

Terra validator from India — https://www.terraindia.io

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